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Unread post by WP_SiteTweaker » 11 Mar 2018, 22:50

I registered at CleanTalk.Org and according to the text below where you enter your information to create your account a "...password will be emailed to..." me is listed - I'm still waiting for that email...

When I attempt to login to my dashboard I use the password I created via the 'change your password' section in 'Settings' because I was never emailed a password... Unfortunately, I get an error message and have to resort to the 'one time pass-code' to be able to login...

Yes, I tried the 'forgot password' route, but a reset password is never emailed to me even though this message pops up after pressing the 'restore password' button:

New password confirmation has been sent to admin@jumpinbeanjava.com.

As noted, an email never shows up - not even in the 'spam' folder; at least it hasn't for the last number of hours since I first registered and was informed a password would be emailed to me... And, even though I have purchased the service - anti-spam and SSL - no email has shown up with a password...

The only way I am able to login to my dashboard is, as noted, using the 'one time passcode' route... :|

I hope you can help with this issue so I don't have to plow through reams of documentation... Thanks...
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Unread post by SergeM » 12 Mar 2018, 06:22


Thank you for your request.

I have reset your password. You should receive a new letter with your new password to the same e-mail you have mentioned.

If you still didn't get any letters from us, please, inform us about it.

Sorry for the inconveniences.

Your CleanTalk Control Panel: [ https://cleantalk.org/my/ ].

Best regards.
Technical Support
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