Legitimate users (including me) blocked (Participants Dbase)

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Legitimate users (including me) blocked (Participants Dbase)

Unread post by DonnaCoxBaker » 07 Apr 2017, 23:12

I have created an online directory (using the Participants Database plugin on WordPress.org), which allows people to direct other people to their ancestry research. They can make multiple entries. One field asks them for a web address to their research. If they key in a secured web address, starting with https, it fails to accept the entry. Some get a Spam error, but most just see that their entry never shows up. What can I do to get CleanTalk to stop blocking these legitimate entries of web URLs, most of which are to Ancestry.com pages? I've temporarily hidden the field, but I know they will try to put these URLs into the comments field, because it makes no sense to ask people to direct other people to their research, but then tell them not to key in URLs. Please help!

Here is the page with the form: http://beyondkin.gegbound.com/enslaved- ... directory/

The main site is beyondkin.org.

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Re: Legitimate users (including me) blocked (Participants Db

Unread post by ArtyomDavydov » 17 Apr 2017, 08:50


Sorry for the long reply. We can't reproduce this error. Could you please send us a screeshot when you're getting a blocking message or step by step instruction how to get it.

Thank you.

Best regards.

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