CleanTalk Updates for BlackLists and API

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CleanTalk Updates for BlackLists and API

Unread post by RazoR » 16 Jan 2017, 05:26


We supplemented the data in our blacklist IP/Email address and added a history of spam activity by months.

It allows you to know what spam activity has been fixed for any IP/Email address in each month.
You can use our BlackLists anytime to check suspicious IP/email here

Also, we updated our API to check spam activity IP/email addresses.

It allows you to use automated method to check IP/email addresses for spam activity for a specific date.

How it works:
You send API request for IP/email and date (mm.dd.yyyy)

API will send the answer, what spam activity IP/email had on this day.

Please, read more about our API here
Alex Bezborodov
CleanTalk team.

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